Timeline Story of CT Corp

Digital Omni Ecosystem
  • Acquired Bank Harda International.
  • Established CT Corp Digital.
    Established CXO CT Corp.
Consumer Centric Ecosystem
  • Opening Trans Snow World Bekasi, Indonesia’s first indoor snow theme park.
    Acquired Beautynesia and Female Daily.
    Opening of Trans Studio Mall Cibubur and Theme Park.
  • Acquired MultiMart.
  • Acquired 100% stake in PT. Metropolitan Retailmart.
    Established CNBC Indonesia.
  • Partnership with Pramerica Life Insurance, the largest insurance company in the United States of America for life insurance business.
  • Opening of Trans Resort Bali.
  • Established CNN Indonesia, a 24-hour news channel and Sputhest Asia’s first CNN news portal.
  • Acquired 80% stake in TelkomVision, the largest paid TV operator in Indonesia.
  • Opening of the Trans Studio integrated Complex in Bandung, including Trans Studio Bandung, Trans Studio Mall, Trans Luxury Hotel and Ibis Hotel
  • Acquired 10.9% shares in Garuda Indonesia.
  • Acquired 100% of the shares of PT Carrefour Indonesia (later renaming it to PT Trans Retail Indonesia) and made it into a retail company with 100% national ownership. Carrefour currently controls more than 40% of the market share in hypermarket segment.
Multiple Industries
  • Acquired 40% stake of Indonesia’s largest retailer, PT. Carrefour Indonesia.
  • Grand opening of Trans Studio Makassar in partnership with Kalla Group.
  • Acquired Wanmani group in Thailand, a distributor of luxury product and handles brands such as Giorgio Armani, Emprio Armani, Tod’s, Canali, and Chloe.
    Acquired 50% major stake in PT. Metropolitan Retailmart (Metro Department Store).
  • Established Trans’ Lifestyle as umbrella for CT Corp’s  retail businesses.
    Acquired a high-end fashion retailer Mahagaya Perdana (Brands: Prada, Miu Miu, Tod’s, Aigner, Brioni, Celio, Hugo Boss, Francesco Biasia, Jimmy Choo, Canali and Mango).
    Acquired PT. Naryadelta Prarthana to secure ownership of Baskin Robbins franchise.
    Established Mega Auto Finance and Mega Central Finance - mono brand motorcycle financing companies.
    Established CT Foundation.
    Acquired majority interest in PT. Anta Tour & Travel Services.
    Restructured sub-holding company Trans Corpora, and established Trans Media, Trans Lifestylw and Trans Entertainment.
    Commenced construction of Trans Studio in Makassar.
    Trans TV became the first media company in the world to become ISAS BC 9001 certified - an international quality certification standar for media industry.
  • Acquired major stake in PT Duta Visual Nusantara (Tivi | 7) which was renamed to Trans 7.
    Acquired Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf franchise in Indonesia to be managed under Trans Coffee.
  • Bank Mega Tower was completed at Jalan Kapten Tendean.
    Trans TV produced 80% of local programming in-house.
    Trans TV obtained ISO 9001:2000.
  • Acquired Mega Insurance.
    Renamed PT Bank Umum Tugu to Bank Mega Syariah, a full-service bank operating under sharia principles, focusing on micro and small business segments.
  • Established PT. Asuransi Jiwa Mega Life, a joint-venture life insurance company with Sinar Mas Group.
  • Established PT. Televisi Transformasi Indonesia (Trans TV).
    Acquired PT Bank Umum Tugu.
    Grand Opening of Bandung’s largest mall - Bandung Supermal.
Multiple Industries
  • Acquired Indovest Securities and directly renamed to become Mega Capital.
  • Acquisition of Bank Karman, which was then renamed to become Bank Mega.
  • Incorporated Para Multi Finance, a multi brand motorcycle financing company.
Industrial/ Sprouting/ Unfoldment/ Establishment
  • Launched first formal business acitivity in the shoe manfucaturing industry.
    Chairul Tanjung founded Paragroup.
  • Initiated small informal businesses

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Core Value




Professional Management



I am excited to share that CT Corp is now entering a new phase of growth. Our significant progress over the past 30 years provides us with a strong foundation to realize even more ambitious growth plans. In this new phase, we will continue to foster growth through innovation, partnership and acquisition.

Our new brand identity is an expression of transforming ambition into excellence. Indonesia's transformation is awakening the hopes, dreams and ambitions of its people. We are committed to help the country and its citizens realize their full ambitions. Our logo, The wing man is a strong statement of our brighter future which comes from the freedom to dream and commitment to deliver.

We believe in Indonesia's future. The country's economic growth will be underpinned by consumers' rapidly advancing purchasing power and very favorable demographics. In addition, a maturing political environment and proven monetary policies will help Indonesia to progress with stability and confidence to become one of the advanced nations of the world. As a consumer-focused business group, CT Corp is the best-positioned business group in Indonesia to capitalize on the upcoming acceleration of the economy.

We are quickly becoming a leading player in the region in our chosen businesses, whilst building on our core values of customer focus, entrepreneurship, innovation, operational excellence, team work to realize synergies, and good corporate governance. We continue to prioritize attracting and retaining the best talent and integrating this talent into a high performance culture.

Looking overseas, CT Corp is actively seeking opportunities in other fast growing Asian markets to realize our vision to become a leading global business.

Chairal Tanjung


Born in Jakarta in 1966, Chairal was appointed as a Director in CT Corp in 2000. Chairal started his professional career in 1987 as an auditor in the Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP - Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan). He joined CT Corp in 1992 as a Finance Manager.

Chairal is currently active on the board of various Group companies, such as: PT. Asuransi Umum Mega, PT. Asuransi Jiwa Megalife, PT. Mega Central Finance, PT. Mega Auto Finance, and PT. Trans Studio.

Chairal graduate from State College of Accountancy (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara - STAN) in 1987. He earned a degree in Economics in 1997 from the University of Indonesia and completed his post-graduate Economics degree in 2006, also from the University of Indonesia.

Yungky Setiawan


Born in Jakarta in 1962, CT Corp welcomes back Yungky as Group Director with responsibilities which include the position of President Commissioner for Bank Mega, Trans Retail Indonesia, Metropolitain Retailmart and Trans Fashion Indonesia.

Yungky had previously joined the Group in 1998 as Retail Banking Director, then in 2004 as President Director of Bank Mega. Yungky further advanced his position as CEO of the CT Corp finance holding company - Mega Corp.

In 2011, Yungky joined Rajawali as Managing Director for Infrastructure, Property and Media Business. Recruited in 2012 by the Salim Group, Yungky served as Director of Indofood CBP in charge of New Business Development and Beverages Group.

Yungky holds a degree of Bachelor of Science Business Administration from City University Canada and graduated from Harvard Executive Program at Harvard Business School in Massachusetts, USA.

Ali Gunawan


Born in Padang in 1963, Ali joined CT Corp as a Director in 2004. Ali began his professional career as an auditor in Ernst & Young Indonesia (Kantor Akuntan Publik Prasetio Sarwoko & Sandjaja) in 1986. He climbed the leadership ladder to become a Partner in the firm in 2000.

Apart from holding the Financial Controller position of the Group, Ali is currently on the board of various Group companies, such as: PT. Trans Lifestyle, PT. Trans Fashion, and PT. Trans Coffee. Ali obtained a degree in Economics from Trisakti University in 1994.

Zainal Rahman


Born in Banda Aceh in 1964. Zainal has been a Director in CT Corp since 2000. Zainal started his professional career as a Lease Officer in November 1988 in Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia and Sumitomo Bank of Japan. He moved to the Lawfirm of Soebagjo, Roosdiono, Jatim & Djarot in 1990 as an Attorney, and became an active partner in February 1997.

Zainal is currently on the board of various Group companies, such as: PT. Mega Capital, PT. Para Multi Finance, and PT. Asuransi Jiwa Mega Life. Zainal obtained a law degree from the University of Indonesia in 1988.



Born in Bandung in 1959, Warnedy was appointed as a Director in CT Corp in 2000. Warnedy began his career as an accountant in the Ministry of Finance in 1981. He continued his accountancy career in the Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP - Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan) in 1987 and left the organization in 1997 as acting Group Head of Monitoring for state owned enterprises (BUMN). Warnedy joined CT Corp in 1997 in the Corporate Finance group.

Warnedy is currently active on the board of various Group companies, such as: PT. Trans Corpora, PT. Trans Fashion, and PT. Trans F&B. Warnedy graduated with a Diploma III degree from State College of Accountancy (STAN - Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara) in 1981. He earned a Diploma IV in 1987 from the same college and later obtained a Post Graduate Degree in Accounting from University of Hartford in 1991.

Putri Indahsari Tanjung


Born in 1996, Putri is currently the Chief Experience Officer of CT Corp.She started her entrepreneurial journey since she was 17 years old by establishing an event organizer, called Creativepreneur Event Creator. Through her initiatives, she has succeeded in organizing more than 30 events, such as Creativepreneur, Passion Project, and Wisuda Online, and has inspired over 3.7 million young individuals across Indonesia.

At the end of 2019, Putri was appointed as President Jokowi's Special Staff and became the youngest Presidential Special Staff. As one of her duties, she collaborated with Teten Masduki, the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs to launch Pahlawan Digital UMKM, a program that supports young innovators to provide digital solutions for Indonesian SMEs. Furthermore, she works closely alongside Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, to encourage the development of young creative entrepreneurs.

In 2020, Putri established Creative Experience Office (CXO), a business unit of CT Corp that focuses on helping other business units to be experience-centric and reach the younger generation market. The business vastly expanded into three divisions: CXO Strategist, CXO Media, and CXO Studio. With its insightful content, CXO Media became one of the most anticipated YouTube channels in Indonesia and gained more than 37 million views within 6 months. In March 2021, Putri initiated Elevate Women which aims to facilitate women entrepreneurs in the creative industry to get more opportunity to innovate and become leaders in their respective fields. Putri graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco in 2019.